Here’s a Fun Story…

Today’s Friday Fun story is brought to you by Super. He seems to be the one that always has something to say, good or bad, funny or not. Well today’s story had Clyde and I in fits of hysterical laughter just a few days ago.

Back in April, we bought a house. Even though we love it, there are things that need to be done to truly make it feel like home. In our case, its making the garage our kitchen/laundry room and tearing down the wall between the current kitchen and living room, to make the living room bigger.

Anyway, as Clyde and I were in the garage discussing the next step in our home renovation, Sassy comes running in, eager to tell on Super for eating some candy before dinner.

“Mom, Super’s eating your lollipop!”

“I didn’t have a lollipop. Do you mean he’s eating a popsicle?” I asked because she is constantly getting the two confused.

“No, he’s eating your lollipop! Look!”

(This is the part of the story where kids will need to back away slowly from the computer, cover their eyes so they can’t read, and cover their ears as well just to be on the safe side).

I didn’t have to go anywhere. Super came out to the garage, holding the rainbow striped penis shaped lollipop a friend had given me as a gag gift. I’m pretty sure my eyes were about to pop out of their sockets as I glance at Clyde in horror.  The top part of the lollipop was already gone, leaving two round circles at the bottom of a short…shaft…Clyde had a huge grin on his face.

“Super! Where did you get that!?” I asked.

“In the drawer over there,” he said as he shrugged, pointed to the drawer, and licked the lollipop. Clyde and I both lost it as that point. If the floor was more than just plywood, I’m sure we would have literally been rolling on the floor, laughing our butts off.

“Super, what shape is that lollipop your eating?” Clyde just had to ask.

“It’s a nose. See?” He held it up to his face, over his own nose, and again, peels of laughter escaped Clyde and I.

I just let him finish the candy after that…


So there’s your story for this Friday. Yep, this is my family. The names may not be real, but the stories are.


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