Friday Fake!

Friday Fake!

This weeks Friday Fake features Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock, star of Pain & Gain, out on DVD now!

Not much to say here except….

I DARE you to try to take his copy of City of the Gods: The Descendant away…double dog dare you…triple dog dare you!

Good luck! I hope you can run REALLY fast or have a get away car nearby.


Musical Monday or Up Tempo Tuesday

Yep, I forgot to post yesterday so lets call Musical Monday’s post for this week Up Tempo Tuesday, okay?

This weeks music comes from the Civil Wars. Their song ‘Kingdom Come’ actually inspired me to write a short story, which was recently published in an anthology titled ‘Dark Light 3’. I’ll post the Amazon link below if you’re interested in purchasing the book. I believe the Kindle version is still on sale for $.99. The story I contributed to the anthology is titled ‘Cheating Death’.

I posted a live version of ‘Kingdom Come’ simply because the chemistry between the singers is great. While the band is no longer together, their music is still inspiring and I listen to it often. The recorded version of this song is haunting, which spawned the story idea.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.

Dark Light 3, Amazon Link:

Friday Fake!

Friday Fake!

Friday Fake featuring Ben Affleck!

As I approached Ben to ask about becoming the new Batman, he held up his hand to stop me.

B. Affleck: Stop right there. I will answer any and all questions about being Batman, but first, I have to finish this awesome book my friend Matt Damon gave to me last week. I’ve got to pass it on to my wife Jennifer next.

Me: Carry on Ben, carry on. And please let me know what Jennifer thinks of it. And don’t forget to leave a review 😉

Music Monday featuring Breaking Benjamin

Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin

I love it when I find a song that inspires a scene in my book! This is one of those songs. Love it!

On a side note: So awesome to hear that we will be getting new music from Breaking Benjamin in the future. A truly talented band. Can’t wait to hear new music from them.

One another side note: I love the font they used in this video.

Friday Fake!

Friday Fake!

Friday Fake featuring Matt Damon…

Me: So, whatcha doin’ there Matt Damon?

M.D.: I thought I’d take a little time off promoting my new movie Elysium and read City of the Gods: The Descendant. I’ve heard its good, so I thought I would give it shot. So far, so good. I also hear the follow up book, City of the Gods: The Betrayal will be out sometime this fall. I’m going to have to pick up that one as well.

Me: Well, I’ll leave you to it then. Happy reading!

Teotihuacan Tuesday!

Here are 17 interesting facts about Teotihuacan, Mexico. After reading these, you will understand why I wanted to write about this city.

1. Teotihuacan was one of the largest cities in the ancient world, with over 150,000 inhabitants at its peak. 

2. At Teotihuacan we can find some of the largest buildings ever erected in the New World.

3. Teotihuacan‘s city layout strangely resembles a computer circuit board with two large processor chips– the Sun Pyramid and the Moon Pyramid.

4. The Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza and the Sun Pyramid at Teotihuacan apparently have about the same base almost 750 feet square.

5. The Pyramid of the Sun is exactly half as tall as the Pyramid of Giza and the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Moon, and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl are in the same layout as Orion’s Belt.

6. Archaeologists have found large quantities of Mica at Teotihuacan, yet this mineral is found 3,000 miles away in Brazil, Mica is present almost in every single building at Teotihuacan.

7. Mica was known to ancient Indian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman and Chinese civilizations, as well as the Aztec civilization of the New World.

8. Mica is stable when exposed to electricity, light, moisture, and extreme temperatures. It has superior electrical properties as an insulator and as a dielectric, and can support an electrostatic field while dissipating minimal energy in the form of heat and is thermally stable to 500 °C

9. Archaeologists have discovered hundreds of mysterious, once-metallic spheres buried deep beneath an ancient pyramid in Mexico City. And we have absolutely no idea what they’re for.

10. Teotihuacan was mysteriously abandoned in 700 A.D.

11. Teotihuacan means City of the Gods but can also be interpreted as “the place where men become gods”

12. Along the ”Avenue of the Dead” The pyramids there align in perfect distance of each of the orbit’s of our planets in our solar system and perhaps significant is the fact that the large Pyramid of the Sun is positioned at the center of the other structures reflecting the fact that the Sun is at the center of our solar system and that the planets revolve around it.

13. No depiction of a ruler, or the tomb of a monarch, has ever been found.

14. A Robot named Tlaloc II discovered three ancient rooms located under the Mesoamerican city’s pyramid.

15. The Pyramid of the sun at Teotihuacan is 75m high with a base width of 225m, making it the second largest pyramid built in the new world.

16. Only priests were allowed to climb the steps of the pyramids for rituals and ceremonies.

17. Mayas and Zapotecs immigrants lived in Teotihuacan, and both Maya and Zapotec texts have been found there.

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Pyramid of the Moon

Clan Kids

Pyramid of the Moon

It is the second largest pyramid in Teotihuacan, Mexico after the Pyramid of the Sun. It is located in the western part of Teotihuacan and mimics the contours of the mountain Cerro Gordo, just north of the site. Some have called it Tenan, which in Nahuatl, means “mother or protective stone.” The Pyramid of the Moon covers a structure older than the Pyramid of the Sun which existed prior to 200 AD.

archaeologists have excavated beneath the Pyramid of the Moon. The archaeologists are looking for clues to the history of this mysterious culture. Tunnels dug into the structure have revealed that the pyramid underwent at least six renovations; each new addition was larger and covered the previous structure.

As the archaeologists burrowed through the layers of the pyramid, they discovered artifacts that provide the beginning of a timeline to the history of Teotihuacan. The latest find is a tomb…

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Musical Memory Monday

Musical Memory Monday

I remember listening to this song in my own piece of shit car that I drove in high school. It was a Honda accord with a hatchback. It was three different colors. when I say three colors I mean the hood was primer blue, the driver’s door was primer brown, and the rest of the car was white.  I don’t complain too much about that car, because my brother gave it to me (free $hit! awesome!) and it did stand out, which helped me snag my husband oh so many years ago.

When my children are old enough to drive, they will get buy their own piece of shit cars, and I will introduce this song to them.