Musical Memory Monday

Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin

I loved this song as a kid and still love it today. It’s a fun song with a very cute video. Robin Williams is in the video. He reminds me of my awesome dad.


13 thoughts on “Musical Memory Monday

  1. Very cute. I remember this song, too. It has a melody that just hangs on.

  2. Funny. I hadn’t thought about this song for years, then on a whim I sang it while friends were over for karaoke a few weeks ago. Now here it is again. Maybe I should listen to the message!

  3. sarakayjordan says:

    A very positive message to start the week. This is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head. Unlike some others, I don’t really mind hearing it inside there. Thanks!

  4. VGS says:

    One of my favorite songs, too. Nothing wrong with Happy. 🙂

  5. AMBuxton says:

    What a fun music video. Robin Williams was awesome!

    • clankids says:

      Isn’t he!? I love him. He is going to be in a new TV series this fall with Sarah Michelle Gellar. It looks really funny. I can’t remember the name of it though.

  6. Lisa Wells says:

    I can remember loving this song and then growing very tired of this song because they overplayed it.

    • clankids says:

      I hate it when I like a song and it gets played too often. Totally ruins the song for me. This is one I haven’t heard in a long time tho and it bring fond memories back for me =)

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