Friday Fake!

Friday Fake!

Today’s Friday! You know what that means…it’s time for the Friday Fake!

This week Morgan Freeman is the featured star. This man has been in so many movie I don’t have time to recount them all. So lets focus on this weeks DVD release of Now You See Me. Though I haven’t seen it yet, I’m looking forward to watching it at some point this weekend.

Me: Mr Freeman I am such a huge fan. I just watched Lean on Me earlier this week. I think it’s one of the best movies you’ve ever done.

Mr. Freeman: Well thank you and may I say that I am a fan of yours. I truly enjoyed your book, City of the Gods: The Descendant. I enjoyed it so much I would love to narrate the audio book of it.

*The heavens open, light shines down upon me, angels sing*

Me: O.O That would be AWESOME!


7 thoughts on “Friday Fake!

  1. I can hear his voice! Way cool.

  2. skizholmes says:

    Your Friday Fake is a great idea! Love Morgan.

  3. Love your Friday Fakes. So much fun!

  4. Susan says:

    Novel idea. I love Friday Fakes

  5. Chris Cannon says:

    Too funny. Why is it when you read something attributed to him, you hear it in his voice?

  6. Beth Carter says:

    What a FUN idea. Love it. And I love Morgan Freeman. We can all dream of a celebrity endorsement/movie/voiceover.

  7. sarakayjordan says:

    I love these! MF narrating an audio book would be fantastic, wouldn’t it?

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