Friday Fake!

Well, here we are once again. It’s Friday! Hallelujah!

Time again for the Friday Fake. This week Star Trek: Into Darkness is being featured.

I had a difficult time trying to decided which star to choose from. There are so many awesome actors in this film. So I put it to a vote on my Facebook and Twitter pages. (See, if you friend/follow me you too could vote on such a crucial matter).

Votes were cast. Results are in.

Chris Pine won by one vote. Karl Urban came in second.


Me: Chris, I gotta say you look warm and comfy in that sweater.

Chris Pine: Yeah, I’m enjoying some cooler weather and some reading. I plan on lending City of the Gods: The Descendant to my friend and co-star Karl when I finish reading it. I’m really liking it, can’t put it down.

Me: Well, that’s fantastic. I’ll have to check in with Karl later.


Me: Well, hello there tall, dark, and studly. Totally digging the white jacket and the accessory.

Karl Urban: Chris Pine loaned this book to me. He wouldn’t shut up about it, so i figured I’d read it as well. I will definitely be passing it on to Simon when I’m finished. Chris will probably never get it back.

Me: That’s a shame for Chris. I’ll send him a signed copy to ease his heartbreak over it.

Karl Urban: Send one to me as well. I want my wife to read it.

Me: You got it!


Simon Pegg: Bloody Hell, this is a great book! Women probably love it more than men!

Zoe Saldana: That’s right! We do!


Me: Oh what the heck! Signed copies for all of you! 😉


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