Friday Fake!

Iron Man 3 just released on DVD. 

You know what that means?

Yep, Robert Downey Jr. is this weeks Friday Fake.



Me: You don’t look very happy. What’s up?

RDJ: Someone tried to steal my copy of City of the Gods: The Descendant. I almost had to go all Iron Man on them.

Me: Yikes! Hope you didn’t rough them up too much. Next time just send them my way and give them their own copy.

RDJ: Of Course. While you’re here, could I get you to autograph my book.

Me: Only if I can try on the Iron Man suit. 😉


Do you have a suggestion for a Friday Fake celebrity? Post it in the comments below.


One thought on “Friday Fake!

  1. These make me smile. So does Robert Downey, Jr.

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