Playful Pumpkins

I let the kids carve their pumpkins over the weekend. 

Mad wanted hers to look like a cat. Cole was trying to turn his into a video games character (I’m not sure which one). Simon was going for a zombie.

None of them turned out quite right.

Maybe next year we could try one of the following ideas:










I think the kids would love any of these.

Happy Halloween!


Vampires: Villains and Vixens

Happy Halloween! 

Let’s have some fun!

Below are my top five favorite vampires

(in no specific order, because they’re all awesome in my mind).




Barnabus Collins.


I loved the 90’s TV show that got cancelled. I thought Johnny Depp did an awesome job playing him in the Tim Burton version. I’ve never seen the original Dark Shadows series. I’m hoping to see it one day though.

Q – Where does Count Dracula usually eat his lunch? 
A  – At the casketeria.





He could be a perfect gentleman one minute, then rip your head of the next.

Q – What is a vampires favorite holiday?
A  – Fangsgiving.



Selene from Underworld.


Because the guys need some eye candy too 😉

But really, Selene is one tough, bad ass cookie!

Q – What happens when two vampires meet? 
A  – It was love at first bite!


Eric Northman.


He has the same thing that Lestat has. He can be a gentleman, but slightly indifferent to anything that’s going on, then turn around and kill you in the blink of an eye. That is what I love about vampires.

Q – What’s it like to be kissed by a vampire?
A  – It’s a pain in the neck. 




The Salvatore Brothers (2 for the price of one here).


Again, they seem like normal guys, until Damon shows how bad ass he really is and Stefan goes all Ripper on your neck.

Q – What is a vampires least favorite food?
A  – Steak


And there you have it, my top 5 vampires.

There are many others I could have chosen, but I needed to get this post up today. 

So, who are your favorite vampires?

Music Monday!

It’s Halloween Week! 

I’m celebrating by bring you a Halloween inspired post today through Thursday, just for the fun of it.

When you think of Halloween what’s the first song that pops into your head?

For me? 

Michael Jackson’s Thiller!  (Check out the Clankids blog,,  to see what other song pops into my head that is more kid friend friendly).

At almost 14 minutes, here’s Thriller in its entirety. Enjoy!

So…I missed last weeks Friday Fake Post.

I promised on Facebook that I would make this week’s post awesome.

What is more awesome than the TV show Supernatural?

There’s definitely no cast cooler than this one!


These boys look pumped! Here we go!

(Keep scrolling to the bottom! There’s a contest going on!)


I must say, I’m lovin’ the look of my book in the hands of these two hunters. Maybe they’re using the book as research. Two questions though. Where did they get the books? What the hell is distracting them from reading? (Check out the contest at the bottom of this post!)


Well, this explains where Sam & Dean got the books. Bobby must have needed the extra large print version though. Damn that’s a big book! (Hey idjits! Keep scrolling! Contest below!)


Look what Cas found just lying around. I wonder if he will read it. If he does, I wonder if he will like it…(Keep going, you’re almost to the bottom where the contest awaits!)

Castiel 2 FF 001

Looks like he does.

Crowley FF 001

Even Crowley had to read it after everyone else did. I wonder what he thought of my bad guys.

My meanies aren’t quite as eloquent as he is.


Here’s a little trivia for you die hard Supernatural fans out there.

What were these characters actually holding before they got hold of my book?

If you can give me a correct answer I’ll send you a signed copy of my book!

(I’ll be nice & give you one of the answers. The 1st picture of Cas where he is kneeling. He’s not holding anything).

Put your answers in the comments. If more than one person gets the right answers, a drawing will be held to find the winner.

Contest ends October 31, 2013.

Good Luck!

Friday Fake w/ CONTEST!!!

Friday Fake!

What Celebrity do I have in store for you today?

Well, I actually have 2 for this Friday Fake post.

I try to stay up on current new releases in both theaters and in DVD. Or if a certain celebrity has had quite a bit of (positive) gossip surrounding them, I’ll throw them in just for fun.  

So what hit theaters this week? More specifically, today?

Gravity with George Clooney & Sandra Bullock. 

How was I supposed to choose between these two megastars? That’s right, I couldn’t and didn’t!



Me: Ah, George, you know just the thing to say or do to capture the hearts of women across the world. Not only are you a VERY good looking man, but now you pose with a puppy AND my book. I’m flattered.

G.C: I’m flattered to have the opportunity to meet you and have you sign my book. Well, it’s not actually mine, Brad Pitt let me borrow it. I’m not sure whether I’ll give it back to him yet. Sandy would love to read it first.



S.B.: George, give Brad back his book. I borrowed my copy from Ryan Reynolds.

Me: Sandra, you look stunning! Love your accessory!

S.B.: I’m loving this book so much I don’t want to do anything but finish reading it! You should have seen me after this photo shoot. I laid back and read for at least an hour afterward.

Me: I tell you what George & Sandra, go out and buy your own copies and I’ll sign them for you. Brad and Ryan need their copies back.

Happy Friday Everyone!