Friday Fake!

What Celebrity do I have in store for you today?

Well, I actually have 2 for this Friday Fake post.

I try to stay up on current new releases in both theaters and in DVD. Or if a certain celebrity has had quite a bit of (positive) gossip surrounding them, I’ll throw them in just for fun.  

So what hit theaters this week? More specifically, today?

Gravity with George Clooney & Sandra Bullock. 

How was I supposed to choose between these two megastars? That’s right, I couldn’t and didn’t!



Me: Ah, George, you know just the thing to say or do to capture the hearts of women across the world. Not only are you a VERY good looking man, but now you pose with a puppy AND my book. I’m flattered.

G.C: I’m flattered to have the opportunity to meet you and have you sign my book. Well, it’s not actually mine, Brad Pitt let me borrow it. I’m not sure whether I’ll give it back to him yet. Sandy would love to read it first.



S.B.: George, give Brad back his book. I borrowed my copy from Ryan Reynolds.

Me: Sandra, you look stunning! Love your accessory!

S.B.: I’m loving this book so much I don’t want to do anything but finish reading it! You should have seen me after this photo shoot. I laid back and read for at least an hour afterward.

Me: I tell you what George & Sandra, go out and buy your own copies and I’ll sign them for you. Brad and Ryan need their copies back.

Happy Friday Everyone!


7 thoughts on “Friday Fake!

  1. George Clooney with a puppy. Who can resist that?

  2. Chris Cannon says:

    Cute idea for a post…I may have to borrow it

  3. Love the idea. 🙂 Good job.

  4. skizholmes says:

    George is one gorgeous man! I like these fake posts. Keep it up.

  5. VJ Schultz says:

    Funny way to promote your book. Love it. And two of my favorite stars.

  6. This idea is always so amusing and fun. I just love it.

  7. Sara says:

    Clooney is never the wrong choice. Love Friday Fakes!

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