Friday Fake!

Catching Fire released today.

Guess what that means…yep, a Friday Fake with

Katniss, Peeta, and Gale.

I read all three of these books, before the 1st movie came out. I’d rate them a solid 4 out of 5 stars, for each book. While I enjoyed the movie, the books gave me a much deep look into Katniss and the others.

That said, Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, and Lenny Kavitz did a terrific job of bringing the characters to life.

Haymitch was my favorite, though Woody Harrelson didn’t make the Friday Fake cut this week.



Katniss/Jennifer, I know when you’re in the arena, you’re busy trying to keep you and Peeta safe, but when/if you ever get some down time, sit back and enjoy the writing of yours truly.


Peeta – I like you. I really do. You’re such a likable guy, and smart to boot.

you’re the kind of guy a girl should end up with 😉


Gale/Liam – I would much rather have you with me in the arena than Peeta, then I could at least hold out hope that your God-like brother would save us.

Happy Friday!

Friday Fake!

Well, I didn’t get to take my roomie to see Thor 2 last weekend, so I’m taking her, my hubster, and my boys to see it tomorrow.

Speaking of superheroes, do you know which superhero movie came out on DVD this week?

Man of Steel!

So…can you guess which star will unknowingly be endorsing my book this week?

Yep, you guessed it!

Amy Adams!

Hahahahahaha! Just kidding! I had you going there for a minute, didn’t I? (Even if I didn’t pretend I did).

Here he is, the real Friday Fake celebrity of the week…Henry Cavill!


Me: Superman how do you have time to read with all the disasters going on in the world?

Superman: I’m a speed reader.

Me: haha, with eyes that shoot lasers, I bet you just burn right through books.

Superman: …o.0…um….yeah.

Now, I love him as the Man of Steel, but Henry is such a cutie I couldn’t stop with just one picture…


No denying, he’s a hunk 😉

(No stupid little joke for this one, just enjoy. I know I am.)

And I’ll throw in a picture of Amy Adams too, simply because she’s a cutie in her own right. Absolutely adore her and am a bit envious of her gorgeous red hair.


Happy Friday!

Friday Fake!

So I was contemplating what the hubster and I were going to do this weekend while browsing through photos for today’s Friday Fake. Then I realized, there’s a certain movie I promised my twinkie and housemate that I would take her to go see when it came out.

Yep, you guessed it. Thor 2!

How could I not do a Friday Fake featuring Chris Hemsworth?! I would be crazy stupid not to!

So here you go ladies. Gents there’s something here for you as well 😉



First off, check out those guns! Wow!

With or without my book in his hands, this man is swoon worthy.

Boys this next one is for you. Enjoy.



Oh Natalie, I know you’re as mesmerized by Chris’ guns as the rest of us women, but please, don’t get the book wet.

(This book is an excellent read-by-the-pool-while-also-secretly-checking-out-the-hottie-pool-man-boy, so grab your wine cooler, sit back, and enjoy).

Wait…it’s November. You won’t be by your pools. Some of you are probably already shoveling snow. So this is an excellent book to curl up next to a fire-while drinking hot cocoa-covered with an afghan-watching your special someone shovel your driveway while you stay warm and cozy.

Yep, perfect. 


Hold it close Loki, hold it close.

Happy Friday!!!

Friday Fake

Ha ha! I bet you thought I wasn’t going to get anything posted today.

I know who your favorite real life author is…*taking a bow* *winks*

But, who is your favorite fictional author?

For me, it’s Richard Castle, from Castle on ABC, played by Nathan Fillion.

He is also part of my favorite duo, with his stunning cohort Beckett, played by Stana Katic.




What is Castle hiding under his jacket? Why, it’s a copy of my book! You don’t have to hide that you like it Castle. You read mine, I’ll read yours. Deal?



Looks like Beckett is in for some serious sexy reading time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Castle tries to interrupt her.

Kick him out of the bedroom until you finish the book Beckett! You’ll be glad you did.


Happy Friday!