Friday Fake!

So I was contemplating what the hubster and I were going to do this weekend while browsing through photos for today’s Friday Fake. Then I realized, there’s a certain movie I promised my twinkie and housemate that I would take her to go see when it came out.

Yep, you guessed it. Thor 2!

How could I not do a Friday Fake featuring Chris Hemsworth?! I would be crazy stupid not to!

So here you go ladies. Gents there’s something here for you as well 😉



First off, check out those guns! Wow!

With or without my book in his hands, this man is swoon worthy.

Boys this next one is for you. Enjoy.



Oh Natalie, I know you’re as mesmerized by Chris’ guns as the rest of us women, but please, don’t get the book wet.

(This book is an excellent read-by-the-pool-while-also-secretly-checking-out-the-hottie-pool-man-boy, so grab your wine cooler, sit back, and enjoy).

Wait…it’s November. You won’t be by your pools. Some of you are probably already shoveling snow. So this is an excellent book to curl up next to a fire-while drinking hot cocoa-covered with an afghan-watching your special someone shovel your driveway while you stay warm and cozy.

Yep, perfect. 


Hold it close Loki, hold it close.

Happy Friday!!!


8 thoughts on “Friday Fake!

  1. Beth Carter says:

    Lol. What a fun post. Loved how you placed your book in their hands and how did you do that?! Thanks for the Monday morning smile.

    • clankids says:

      You don’t believe I actually know these celebrities? LOL.
      I find and print the pictures, place my book cover wherever it seems appropriate, and scan them. It’s pretty easy. The hardest part is finding the right picture to use.

  2. sarakayjordan says:

    I haven’t seen Thor 2 yet, but I’m so excited! As always, a fun post. I look forward to the Friday Fake.

  3. Chris Cannon says:

    Great minds think alike. My blog post is about Thor and Loki too.

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