Friday Fake!

Well, I didn’t get to take my roomie to see Thor 2 last weekend, so I’m taking her, my hubster, and my boys to see it tomorrow.

Speaking of superheroes, do you know which superhero movie came out on DVD this week?

Man of Steel!

So…can you guess which star will unknowingly be endorsing my book this week?

Yep, you guessed it!

Amy Adams!

Hahahahahaha! Just kidding! I had you going there for a minute, didn’t I? (Even if I didn’t pretend I did).

Here he is, the real Friday Fake celebrity of the week…Henry Cavill!


Me: Superman how do you have time to read with all the disasters going on in the world?

Superman: I’m a speed reader.

Me: haha, with eyes that shoot lasers, I bet you just burn right through books.

Superman: …o.0…um….yeah.

Now, I love him as the Man of Steel, but Henry is such a cutie I couldn’t stop with just one picture…


No denying, he’s a hunk 😉

(No stupid little joke for this one, just enjoy. I know I am.)

And I’ll throw in a picture of Amy Adams too, simply because she’s a cutie in her own right. Absolutely adore her and am a bit envious of her gorgeous red hair.


Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “Friday Fake!

  1. sarakayjordan says:

    Speed reader. LOL of course he is. Always fun!

  2. He’s a cutie, all right.

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