Cover Reveal & Excerpt

Coming February 7th, exclusively to your Kindle, and just in time for Valentine’s day!

An Author’s Assistant

By: S.J. McMillan



“Okay, Angie, so don’t get pissed at me for what I’m about to tell you,” my employer and best friend, Chloe, said as I sat next to her. Here we were, sitting in the middle of a massively busy bookstore with a line of people in front of us here to meet her and have her sign their books, and she wants to tell me something that might get me riled up? Not cool, Chloe, not cool. I turned to her and raised a brow in question.

“I was only trying to do something nice for you, since you’re such an amazing assistant and have always been such an awesome friend,” Chloe continued. She paused for a minute while she signed a book, chatted with the fan, and took a picture with them. She turned back to me, guilt written all over her face.

“Oh good grief, Chloe, just spill it. What did you do?” I was growing increasingly antsy at her hesitance.

“I signed you up for one of those dating sites,” Chloe admitted. She placed her hands on the table and dropped her head into them. I knew I had the look of a crazy woman. I’m pretty sure my eyes looked like they were going to bulge out of their sockets.

“You did what?” I wasn’t mad. I was in shock. I should have known she would eventually try something like this, just not without my permission.


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