A Musing Monday – Walking Dead

In honor of last night’s season finale of the Walking Dead.






walking dead1


7 thoughts on “A Musing Monday – Walking Dead

  1. Chris Cannon says:

    I haven’t watched the episode yet. The last few shows haven’t been as good as other seasons. Plus I keep asking myself why am I signing up for an hour of stress?

    • clankids says:

      Honestly this was one of the better season finales this show has had. As much as I complain when the season ends with a cliff hanger, it makes me want to watch the next season. Rick was a total BA in this episode. Loved it.

  2. Love the Bad Lip Readings. I tried watching Walking Dead, but didn’t really get into it.

  3. barbarabettis1 says:

    I started on that show its first season, but after awhile, it lost me. I think it was the episode that showed the zombies grabbing a guy who was running and eating him. 🙂

  4. Chuck Robertson says:

    I have to say I have not watched it, but I probably should. It’s very popular, and probably for a reason.

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