Dear Newspaper Delivery Person

Dear Newspaper Delivery Person,

One question…



When I signed up for newspaper delivery, I asked for my paper to be delivered on my driveway. It’s a double wide driveway, you can’t miss it, but for some reason, every Thursday and Sunday (the only days I get the paper), you seem to miss my driveway completely. Heck, it’s almost in my neighbors yard…

…hopefully I’m not accidentally stealing their newspaper…

…nope, I’m not…

…their paper is in their driveway…

Every Thursday and Sunday I start my day with a good ole game of ‘Find the Newspaper’. Most of the time I find it in the street, in the street gutter to be more precise. Sometimes it’s in the midget tree out by my curb…

…yep…there’s my paper…in a tree…

That won’t happen anymore though. I cut the tree down. Ha!

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to not have to walk to pajama wearing self the extra 2 feet to the street because you’ve thrown it on the sidewalk…

…the sidewalk in front of my house???

That would be too easy…the sidewalk in front of the neighbors house is much more welcoming…

So again I ask…why don’t you like me?

Maybe you think I’m fat and need to walk the extra few steps to the street to retrieve my paper….


Maybe it’s the vicious dog I don’t own that chases you down the street?


Do you not like the look of my home? Does it scare you? (Keep in mind, this was before we started remodeling).


Maybe my house is too colorful? (This isn’t quite what it will look like when we are finished…but isn’t it pretty! And so colorful!)


As far as I know there aren’t any obstacle courses or gates in front of my driveway that would make it difficult to throw a paper in it…unless of course you are afraid of an octopus…



Whatever the problem is, I’m sure we can work it out….right?












…maybe not…



McStubs Weekend Review

I don’t normally post about my life, because, honestly, it’s pretty uneventful. Today, though, I found myself wanting to share my super duper exciting life, just to give you a taste of a bloggers/writers/authors life. This past weekend was just too glamorous not to share…that was sarcasm…just in case my typing actually led you to believe otherwise…

Friday night started like most others…

Roomie (a.k.a. Twinkie) to Me:   What are going to do tonight?

Me to Twinkie:  The same thing we do every night, try to take over the world.

Well, that plan didn’t work out so well. I blame the kids(no reason behind it)…so, instead of taking over the world, we decided to run amok in the local mall! After spending WAY too much on clothes and other non essential things, such as make-up from one of those little kiosks that try to pull you in as you walk by…yeah…I hate them too. $40 poorer, but 4 eye shadows richer, I was finally able to walk away. Grrr.

I did manage to get an extra awesome b-day gift for my Twinkie! Check it out:


Twinkie FB post:  Holy Han Solo Batman! Can you say trip to the mall was a success? Absolutely thanks to my super awesome twinkie! O and I got new sunglasses! 

(Okay, so I added the ‘super awesome’ part, but she knows it’s true).

After that, it was back to home base to order pizza and greet the hubby. We decided a movie was in order. Twinkie rented Pompei with Kit Harrington, because well she likes…wait, more like she’s slightly obsessed with John Snow. She refuses to call him by his real name, ‘John Snow is a better name.’ (Her words not mine. I personally like the name Kit.)

Pompei Ranting: 3 out of 5 stars. It was okay. I never studied Pompei in school, so I had no idea what to expect. Yet, for some strange reason I knew the huge volcano they kept showing in the background was going to erupt. I like to think it was thanks to my sixth sense.  The action sequences were good. Kind of a predictable movie though, even knowing nothing about the history. Keifer Sutherland is in it. That was a plus. He plays a really good a$$hole. Trinity from the Matrix plays a mom, liked her character too. Kit did a decent job. I’d like to see more from him. He’s a good actor.

We finally went to bed around 1 am…I’m too old for that…ugh…

Saturday morning comes way too early. I roll out of bed, shower, and throw on some clothes. We’re working under the house today on the plumbing for our new tankless water heater! Joy!

I hate going under the house to work. It’s dark, it’s dank, and my roomie’s daughter swears there are dead bodies under there…


She might be right…who’s shoes are those???

We crawled under the house at 11 am. By 8-9 o’clock pm, I couldn’t stand to crawl under there any more, so the twinkie took my place to help out my poor hubby who didn’t have a tag out partner. In my defense, I’m bruised down my entire right side, from my ribs down to my calves. I’m the only one who bruised like this:


Yeah, I know, sexy picture eh? The hubby compared my bruises to the spots of a leopard. Rawr!

The hubby was finally able to crawl out from under the house around 1 am Sunday morning. The water heater still wasn’t done! We had to shower at my in-laws house. We all managed to fall into bed around 3 am. No church Sunday morning. Nope, that ain’t happening.

Now, Sunday was the hubster’s b-day. He once again worked on the water heater. He is a workaholic or gluten for punishment, either way. Luckily it didn’t take much more to FINALLY finish the installation of the awesome tankless water heater.

Much of the rest of the weekend went back to its usual run of the mill routine, with one exception.

Twinkie’s daughter was having a hard day on Sunday. Everything was a struggle. I could see Twinkie’s nerves were fried. I thought I would be nice and braid her daughter’s hair. All little girls like to have their hair played with, right? WRONG!!!!

I braided it nice and loose, but she DESPISED it. Twinkie, bless her heart made her daughter wear it the rest of the day. Telling her she would either start wearing her wear back to keep it out of her face or get it cut. Her daughter chose to have her hair cut. I couldn’t believe it! This is a girl who is constantly saying she doesn’t want her hair cut. Well my little braid changed all that.

She got it cut the next day. It was almost to the middle of her back, now it’s at her shoulders. Super Cute!!! Since she’s not my kids I won’t share pictures. Trust me though, it’s adorable!

So, how was your weekend?

Flashback Friday: Movie Edition!

The hubster and I have had a serious hankering to watch the movies when loved when we were kids, 80’s movies that is. So what movies were we itching to watch? 

My pick:



Who’s Da Master!? I am.

I thought this movie was awesome when I was a kid. I loved every single aspect of it, from the music to the fighting. I wanted to be Laura Charles a.k.a. Vanity. So pretty! I wanted to have my own rescuer like Leroy (Taimak). And even though Eddie Arkadian’s girlfriend, Angela was supposed to be annoying and untalented, she was awesome in my eyes. You had to be to put up with a jerk like Eddie. Leroy eventually beats down the bad guy, Sho’Nuff and gets the girl.

Rewatching it now, I still love it. I still think Laura (Vanity) is pretty. Leroy is still the cute misunderstood kung fu fighter. Eddie Ardakian is still a jerk. If I were is girlfriend I would have kicked him in his monkey balls and dumped his ass and long time ago. I don’t think I could go up against Sho’Nuff himself, but I think I could take on the female side of his gang and win. That’s right! Let me at ’em! I would also have kicked Leroy’s little brother’s butt too for being a douche to Leroy.

Some of the hair styles, make up, and clothing were too much for now-a-days. Such as…



I want this for my next Halloween costume!


Next Up…the Hubster’s pick!

He chose…Ice Pirates!



Okay, even the movie poster says it’s a ‘spaced’ adventure.

I admit, I had never seen or heard of this movie until we watched it. I laughed, giggled, smiled, and cringed throughout the entire movie. It was very 80’s campy, but I’m pretty sure that’s what they were going for when making this.

I would also like to admit that I was doing laundry when we started watching this. I think I caught the majority of the movie.

Let me explain…no let me some it up…

Stealing ice, kidnapping a princess, getting caught, almost getting their weenies chopped off to become slaves, getting rescued by the princess, only to become her space taxi to find her long lost father, discover a space herpie on your ship and in your food (gross!), chop off some dudes head (only to find out he doesn’t really have your long lost papa), bring the talking head with you on your adventure (because, honestly, why not?), figure out a why to find lost daddy, go through some time warp thing that ages some to the point of death, get out of time wrap to get things back to the right time, finally find the planet that daddy has been hiding out on and with unlimited water, end movie.

I had fun watching this movie. Not sure I’ll watch it again, like I know I will with The Last Dragon, but I’m glad I got to share a fun childhood memory with the hubster.

Happy Flashback Friday! Have a wonderful Memorial day weekend!

Flabbergasting Season Finales!

Holy Emotional Roller Coaster Batman! Some of my favorite TV shows had some EPIC season finales. I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the next few months without finding out what’s going to happen! Well…I suppose watching Falling Skies, True Blood, and So You think You Can Dance will keep me somewhat preoccupied. I hate to imagine how Game of Thrones is going to end. I’ll probably be a train wreck. Please check in with me on FB.  may need to be consoled or I may need people to throw a party with, either way, hit me up. I’ll be there for you too!

The following is a list of my favorite season finales this year. One pick for each day, minus Saturday. WARNING: There might be spoilers. Read at your own risk.




The Mentalist

My reaction? Much like the look on Lisbon’s face in the above picture. I read an interview with the show creator a few years ago. In that article he said the Jane and Lisbon would never be anything more than friends…LIAR! I should have known better than to believe that BS. Any hubble bubble, I liked this finale, not the strongest in my opinion, but I can’t wait to see where this leads next season. I wonder if they’ll be anything like one of my other favorite crime fighting couple…Caskett…speaking of Castle…




Castle – 

My reaction?      I JUST WANTED A GOSH DARN WEDDING!!!! The episode was fun. Love Beckett’s (ex)husband. Loved Beckett’s new wedding dress. It was gorgeous, much better than the original one. Hoping that whatever happened to Castle is cleared up quickly next season. I realize they had to bring in a new bad guy for Caskett to deal with, but I really wanted to see them get hitched.


I can’t pick just one show for this day. All the finales were amazing (in my opinion) for all these shows.



The Originals – 

My reaction? Tears…well almost, but if my daughter hadn’t been sitting there watching this with me, tears would have been streaming down my freakin’ face. Even my daughter looked at me at one point and said, ‘this is really sad mom’. I had to gulp back tears, look at her with my ugly refusing to cry face and say, ‘I know right?’

I have loved the whole season of this show. I honestly don’t know how they are going to top this season. 

Supernatural – 



My reaction? NOOOO!!!! Dean!!! NOOOOO!!! You can’t kill Dean….again! He’s my favorite! Oh wait! He’s ALIVE, but he’s now DEMON!! NOOOOOO!!! How the hell are they going to fix that??? Can’t wait to see Demon Dean kick some serious ass next season though.

Person of Interest – 



My reaction? Don’t break the gang up! The mid season finale was bad enough with the death of Carter, but now you’re going to break up the whole group??? *pouting* All I’m thinking at this point is that The Machine needs to show Samaritan who’s boss. More Root next season. I have a slight girl crush on Amy Acker. In fact more of Root and Shaw teaming up and kicking ass would be awesome!


Sorry Wednesday, you pale in comparison when it comes to TV shows. Wednesdays are good for Ghost Hunters (which is rarely on anymore) and American Horror Story (which had a good season, but ended awhile back. No need to rehash its ending).




The Vampire Diaries – 

My reaction? Again…TEARS! The only thing that saved me from blubbering everywhere was that my roomie was supposed to walk through the front door at any moment. Can you tell I hate to cry in front of any and everyone? Somethings are really hard to hold back. Nina Debrev deserves some kind of award for her heart breaking performance. Come here girl! We can make ugly cry faces together! This time I was watching all by myself when practically everyone dies, then mostly everyone comes back…MOSTLY everyone. Damon finally gets everything he could possibly want and turns out to be a decent human being…ur…um…vampire and what happens? He gets stuck on the other side! Dammit Damon! The bad guy is gone…for now, there will be another one next season, when the gang all heads to the other side to save Damon and Bonnie. Come on, we all know that’s what’s going to happen.

On a side note: I also watch Elementary, but it’s finale paled in comparison to The Vampire Diaries. Though I am looking forward to its next season as well.




Grimm – 

My reaction? Hexenbeasts are horrible, mean, ugly, vindictive, pieces of nastiness! That being said, I love Adalind. She is about as despicable as a villain could possibly be, all so she can get what she wants, her baby. Honestly though, what mother wouldn’t go to the ends of the earth to find their child. It’s a good thing Trouble (yeah I know, I’m probably spelling her names wrong, but there are probably dozens of grammar and punctuation errors in this post so whatever, I don’t care). Nick without his super Grimm powers is going to suck big time. They better fix him quick next season. I like Juliette, but if she is going to make Nick pick between being a Grimm and being with her, I gotta tell Nick to let her go. Monroe & Rosalee? YAY!!! So freakin’ happy! Poor Hank. This man needs a woman! Pronto! Sgt. Wu? This poor guy. Someone needs to tell him the truth. Oh and the captain better not die dammit! Love his and Adalind’s chemistry. Perfect for each other.

Honorable Mention:

Once Upon A Time – 

I’m still a season behind on this show, but I’ve seen the spoilers about a certain new princess from icicle land that will be on next season. Hoping ABC will show reruns this summer so I can catch up before the new season starts. Love this show.

There you have it! So, am I missing any good shows? Let me know in the comments below so I can catch up on them this summer! Thanks for tuning in. Catch ya later!

McStubs Musings on The Voice

My hubby is not a fan of The Voice, or really any reality competition. So while the results show aired last night I was cooking dinner and waiting for Supernatural to come on. Obviously, since I didn’t watch it live, I didn’t vote for anyone and this is not a post to complain about the results.

I managed to watch the results show this morning as I was getting ready for work.

First off, for me, this show could have been narrowed down to 30 minutes. Just results, no need for all the musical performances. We had The Rascal Flatts, the three finalists from last season, and the bottom three performances. Lots of music jam packed into that one hour.

The first finalist to move on to the finale – Jake. Okay, I like the guy. He’s a cool kids, totally grounded, but…I don’t think he really should have been voted into the top 3. I would have picked Kristen over Jake. For me, Jake never really had a break out performance where I was blown away by his ability. It was always ‘Oh, well that was nice.’ Completely underwhelmed by him. BUT… good job all the same. He really has come a long way from last season and I was really pulling for him at the beginning of this season.

Second finalist to move on – Josh. We all knew this was coming, right? I mean, this guy has been kicking ass and taking names all season. Damn! You go boy! He deserves to be in the finale. Not much more to say about him.

That left Kristen, Kat, and Christina in the bottom 3, having to perform for the Instant Twitter Save.

In the midst of all this we had a slew of performances. 

The Rascal Flatts – I’m going to make enemies here, but I’m not a huge country fan. Not to say that I hate it. I do listen to country music on occasion and sometimes it’s awesome, other times…not so much. Their performance was good. I was able to listen/watch it without having to fast forward through it.

Jackie Lee (yes I know I spelled her name wrong) – I really liked this performance by J. she did a good job. Last season I could barely sit through her performances. It felt like she was constantly screaming at me. Last night’s performance was nice and scream free. The girls got skills.

Will Chamberlin – I really liked Will last season. I knew he wasn’t going to win, but I was so happy he made it into the top 3. That being said I wasn’t fond of his performance last night. I couldn’t understand what he was singing and some of his vocals sounded strained. I want to hear more from him, hopefully something…different. I ended up fast forwarding through the last minute of his song.

Tessanne Chin – Her song was good. At least I could understand what she was singing about. No doubt about it the girl can sing. I’ll have to hear more from her to find out whether I’ll buy her upcoming album or not.

And finally, the bottom 3 girls sang their hearts out for the Instant Twitter Save.

First up – Kristen. What can I say about this woman? She’s got a great voice, but I never really connected with her performances or her personality. Given the show runners didn’t really give you a chance to get to know her. She was constantly at a disadvantage in the exposure dept. I liked her voice, I just wish I had a better idea of who she is.

Second – Kat. Rock chick extraordinaire. I loved Kat! She always looks like she has fun on stage and is so full of life. She is such a cool chick. I want to know her in real life and hang out with her. She had a good performance.

Last – Christina. I have to admit, I’m a bit biased when it comes to Christina. I’ve been watching her covers on You Tube for the past year. She is a fantastic singer. She had an unfair advantage going into the Instant Twitter Save. Even though I thought she out performed Kat and Kristen with her final song. Does she scream on occasion? Yes, but nothing like Jackie Lee. The kneeling thing Christina does, also pulls me out of the performance. Other than that, she’s a great performer.

Christina went on to win the Instant Twitter Save. Again I feel she had an unfair advantage compared to Kat and Kristen. Did it seem fixed to me?…yes. Has The Voice become a popularity contest where teenyboppers vote for cutest, most handsome, the prettiest, or even the coaches…maybe. But honestly though, it’s a TV show. If we focused solely on ‘the voice’, it wouldn’t be a TV show, it would be a radio program. There wouldn’t be any famous judges to sway the votes. You wouldn’t know what each contestant looked like. All you would hear are the voices of the contestants and you would call your vote into a radio station.

I get why the show runners added the Instant Twitter Save. They want someone they can market that already has an enormous fan base. Easy sales! Christina Grimmie has that. She will be easy to market, already has a built in fanbase, the looks, and the ‘voice’.

That being said, I know there are a lot of people who are pissed about that instant save. That might hurt Christina in the finale. Some of her votes will probably go to Josh.

The top 3 going into the finale: Jake, Josh, and Christina

Who I think should have been in the top 3: Josh, Christina, and Kat…or Kristen instead of Jake.

Who is my pick to win?     Josh