Flashback Friday: Movie Edition!

The hubster and I have had a serious hankering to watch the movies when loved when we were kids, 80’s movies that is. So what movies were we itching to watch? 

My pick:



Who’s Da Master!? I am.

I thought this movie was awesome when I was a kid. I loved every single aspect of it, from the music to the fighting. I wanted to be Laura Charles a.k.a. Vanity. So pretty! I wanted to have my own rescuer like Leroy (Taimak). And even though Eddie Arkadian’s girlfriend, Angela was supposed to be annoying and untalented, she was awesome in my eyes. You had to be to put up with a jerk like Eddie. Leroy eventually beats down the bad guy, Sho’Nuff and gets the girl.

Rewatching it now, I still love it. I still think Laura (Vanity) is pretty. Leroy is still the cute misunderstood kung fu fighter. Eddie Ardakian is still a jerk. If I were is girlfriend I would have kicked him in his monkey balls and dumped his ass and long time ago. I don’t think I could go up against Sho’Nuff himself, but I think I could take on the female side of his gang and win. That’s right! Let me at ’em! I would also have kicked Leroy’s little brother’s butt too for being a douche to Leroy.

Some of the hair styles, make up, and clothing were too much for now-a-days. Such as…



I want this for my next Halloween costume!


Next Up…the Hubster’s pick!

He chose…Ice Pirates!



Okay, even the movie poster says it’s a ‘spaced’ adventure.

I admit, I had never seen or heard of this movie until we watched it. I laughed, giggled, smiled, and cringed throughout the entire movie. It was very 80’s campy, but I’m pretty sure that’s what they were going for when making this.

I would also like to admit that I was doing laundry when we started watching this. I think I caught the majority of the movie.

Let me explain…no let me some it up…

Stealing ice, kidnapping a princess, getting caught, almost getting their weenies chopped off to become slaves, getting rescued by the princess, only to become her space taxi to find her long lost father, discover a space herpie on your ship and in your food (gross!), chop off some dudes head (only to find out he doesn’t really have your long lost papa), bring the talking head with you on your adventure (because, honestly, why not?), figure out a why to find lost daddy, go through some time warp thing that ages some to the point of death, get out of time wrap to get things back to the right time, finally find the planet that daddy has been hiding out on and with unlimited water, end movie.

I had fun watching this movie. Not sure I’ll watch it again, like I know I will with The Last Dragon, but I’m glad I got to share a fun childhood memory with the hubster.

Happy Flashback Friday! Have a wonderful Memorial day weekend!


3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Movie Edition!

  1. Wanda says:

    Sounds like you had a good time. I haven’t even heard of these movies, I’m thinking we have different tastes in movies. I’m more a Fried Green Tomatoes person. Or Thelma and Louise.

    • clankids says:

      I’ve never seen Fried Green Tomatoes. I know I’ve seen Thelma and Louise, but don’t remember much of it, other than the end of course. One of my favorites is Steel Magnolias. I cry every time I watch though.

  2. Top Gun, The Karate Kid and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for us.

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