Ghost Hunters Wanted!

I’m about a week behind on this, but apparently Syfy’s Ghost Hunters TV show is looking to replace three of their cast members.



Amy Bruni, Adam Berry, and Britt Griffith are all bowing out of the show. Why? Who knows. I won’t speculate. It’s none of my business.

Now Pilgrim Studios has posted a casting call looking for a new investigator.

I wouldn’t make a good ghost hunter. Actually this is more of my idea of ghost hunting…


After watching a scary movie, I make my hubby turn out all the lights as I cower under the covers, then snuggle close to him, hoping that if a ghost appears or serial killer breaks in, that he will be able to defend me, or at least keep them busy while I escape…with the kids…of course…





Yep, that about sums up what a chicken I really am.

BUT, my hubby would be an awesome ghost hunter. Here are some of his qualifications…

1. He’s been a correctional officer. He can keep a level head in stressful/unique situations.

2. He’s been in maintenance and HVAC. Something made a noise? More than likely it was a squeaky door, furnace, water heater, vent, window, etc. I’m thinking he would be great at debunking things.

3. He has stuff in common with the TAPS team members. He can talk plumbing with Jason and be scared of spiders with Steve.

4. He’s a good looking guy, a man’s man, prankster, team player…the list could go on and on…

Okay, so he is lacking on the actual ghost hunting side, but he’s a quick learner.

So, if you’re interested in the possibility of becoming a ghost hunter click on the Casting Call link above, better hurry though, the deadline to submit your application is June 13,2014. Then again, you could just let this one slide. The hubster already submitted his application 😉

I’ll leave you with a few fun ghost memes…











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