Review: 50 Shades Darker

2 posts in one day! After not posting for a month or so…anyway…I’m on a roll!

So I just finished my review of 50 shades of Grey, and I thought while the material is still fresh in my mind, I’d write the review for the sequel as well. I finished 50 Shades Darker yesterday. (SPOILER WARNING!!! Again if you have not read & one day plan on reading this series, there be spoilers ahead! Beware! You’ve been warned!)

50 shades darker

4 out of 5 stars for 50 Shades Darker –

Though the plot for this book was still ‘Where, when, how, how long do we have sex?’, there were things, other than sex, going on! Whoohoo!  You get a mentally unstable ex submissive, who wants to kill someone with a gun though we’re not completely sure who. You get workplace sexual harassment and blackmail galore. You get insecure Ana and even more insecure and mentally disturbed Grey. You get even more foil condom unwrapping and Grey hiding them in unknown places. (Honestly, I’m unnerved by the amount of condoms his man uses, how he produces them from out of nowhere, & then vanish as if they never existed. Oh! I get it now! Grey is a multibillionaire magician!) You get more Olympic gymnast inner goddess, but this round she’s upped her game, not only is she a gymnast, but she’s also a nudist ballerina! (I think I like the inner goddess more than Ana sometimes.) You get art galleries, sailing, bars, house buying, a whole whopping 3 pages of Grey missing when his helicopter goes down, more snarky emails, a shitty marriage proposal, and a decent marriage proposal. You finally get to meet the woman who started it all…Mrs. Robinson. AND you learn Grey’s unrevealed, deep down, dirty, secret that he has never shared  with anyone…except his psychiatrist. (I’m so glad this man has a psychiatrist…he needs one.)

The soundtrack for this book has got to be awesome. Many songs and artists are mentioned throughout the book, but it’s the ones the author hints at that I like best. Such as, twice inspiration, or whatever, hits Anastasia ‘like a wrecking ball.’ All I could think about after that was Miley Cyrus swinging naked on her wrecking ball, then the song would get stuck in my head, then my husband would roll his eyes when I would belt it out through our house…and if you’ve read the 1st book, you know what eye rolling leads to…

Another example of Ms. James subliminal music messages? Ana is constantly calling Grey her ‘Fifty’. Well that pulled me right out of the story, because I thought Grey was a stone cold, savvy, designer suit wearing, business man…not a rapper.

So why 4 stars? I liked it better than the 1st book. The writing still isn’t quite up to par. (Do we really need to discuss the music all the time…most of that could have been edited out). It still made me giggle at times, so it did get some kind of reaction out of me. Ana irritates me still. Grey irritates me more so though.

Again, I’m not leaving the links, it’s a bestselling novel, search it on Amazon. You’ll find it.

Have you read the 50 Shades books? What did you think?


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