Review: Black Widow Society

I just realized, I don’t think I’ve ever posted a book review to this blog, which was kind of my plan from the beginning. Well, here it is. My first official book review post of this blog! Hope you enjoy.

I don’t get the chance to read much, maybe 10-15 minutes a day, if I’m lucky. Obviously it takes me awhile to get through a book, unless it grabs me by my unmentionables and drags me on a wild, and sometimes, much needed adventure. 



About the Author:

CC Brown is the pseudonym adopted by the three authors: Schyrlet Cameron, Carolyn Craig, and Kathy Brown. The women live in the Ozarks with their families. Visit their website at


The sacred relic of the undead . . . the Vampire Bible has fallen into the hands of a paranormal-artifact dealer. An eBay bid and an annual vacation lead Koleen O’Brien and her five friends to San Antonio to deliver the book to a wealthy Texan. They are clueless to the fact that a pack of blood-thirsty vampires are stalking them to reclaim the Bible. Immortals meet their match as they discover that these women aren’t typical mortals; they’re members of the Black Widow Society!

My Thoughts:

I bought this book at a local book fair back in February. The cover art is what drew me in, then I read the back cover and the description made me think it was going to be something right up my alley. I love paranormal and urban fantasy stories.

When I first started reading it, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to finish it. The point of view flip flopped so much I wasn’t sure which character was saying or doing what. It seemed like all the characters were vying for face time at the same time. I’m not sure if that was intention on the authors part or not. Once I got to know the group of women being written about, it made me wonder if the chaos in the first part of the book was there on purpose. It still made it very difficult to get into the story. 

By the middle to the end of the book, the story started to pick up. I had me giggling at some of the antics the Black Widow Society were displaying. I like it when a book can make me laugh out loud.  The Black Widow Society seems like a bunch of fun loving women who know how to get into trouble and how to get out of it…mostly. The Watcher in the book had me intrigued. I wanted to learn much more about him. The baddies in my opinion weren’t bad enough if a bunch of women can kick their centuries old vampire butts. Overall it was a good book. I will definitely be picking up more books by this author. 

Rating: 3 1/2-4 stars out of 5.



Vampires: Villains and Vixens

Happy Halloween! 

Let’s have some fun!

Below are my top five favorite vampires

(in no specific order, because they’re all awesome in my mind).




Barnabus Collins.


I loved the 90’s TV show that got cancelled. I thought Johnny Depp did an awesome job playing him in the Tim Burton version. I’ve never seen the original Dark Shadows series. I’m hoping to see it one day though.

Q – Where does Count Dracula usually eat his lunch? 
A  – At the casketeria.





He could be a perfect gentleman one minute, then rip your head of the next.

Q – What is a vampires favorite holiday?
A  – Fangsgiving.



Selene from Underworld.


Because the guys need some eye candy too 😉

But really, Selene is one tough, bad ass cookie!

Q – What happens when two vampires meet? 
A  – It was love at first bite!


Eric Northman.


He has the same thing that Lestat has. He can be a gentleman, but slightly indifferent to anything that’s going on, then turn around and kill you in the blink of an eye. That is what I love about vampires.

Q – What’s it like to be kissed by a vampire?
A  – It’s a pain in the neck. 




The Salvatore Brothers (2 for the price of one here).


Again, they seem like normal guys, until Damon shows how bad ass he really is and Stefan goes all Ripper on your neck.

Q – What is a vampires least favorite food?
A  – Steak


And there you have it, my top 5 vampires.

There are many others I could have chosen, but I needed to get this post up today. 

So, who are your favorite vampires?